Did You Experience A Late Night Auto Accident Caused By Another Driver? 3 Tips To Gather Evidence Of Drowsy Driving


Distracted driving gets a lot of attention these days. However, there is another common cause of accidents that is just as bad as looking at one's cell phone or driving while inebriated. Drowsy driving happens when a person chooses to get or stay behind the wheel despite their need for sleep. Although truck drivers are known for trying to push through a shift, it is also possible that the person who hit you with a normal passenger vehicle was too fatigued to make proper judgments while driving.

22 October 2019

4 Common Reasons Accidents Happens


Car accidents are rarely random events. There is generally a reason or cause behind most car accidents. The reason or cause of the accident, and who was responsible for that reason, can greatly impact the amount of financial assistance you are able to get for damaged due to your car accident. Reason #1: Speeding When you speed, even if you are only going five miles per hour over the speed limit, you are taking a risk.

30 June 2019

Workers' Compensation And Disability Wages: What You Need To Know


If you are the victim of a work-related injury, you are probably entitled to workers' compensation insurance. This insurance not only takes care of your accident-related medical expenses, but it also pays hurt workers who cannot work due to their injuries a disability wage. This payment is probably unlike anything you've encountered in the past, so read on to learn more facts about this much-needed form of support. Unique Properties of Disability Wages

23 May 2019