When Can A Pedestrian Sue A Cyclist For Injuries?


Bicycling groups make a big deal about how bikes have a right to the road and how drivers who injure bicyclists should be punished. But what rights do pedestrians have when a bicyclist goes barreling down the sidewalk or right through a stop sign and injures them? Here's when you can sue a cyclist for personal injuries. If They're On the Sidewalk Sidewalk bicycling is a topic of great controversy. Cyclists want to get away from inattentive drivers while pedestrians fear bicycles barreling by.

4 May 2016

Five Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders


Each spring, new motorcycle riders hit the roads and highways with their new machines, eager to savor the freedom and unique experience that only riding a motorcycle can offer. However, motorcycling has a down side. Nearly 4,300 motorcycle riders and drivers were killed in highway accidents in 2014 (the most recent year for which statistics are available). While the number of motorcycle fatalities have steadily decreased from their high in 1998, riding a motorcycle remains a dangerous hobby.

22 April 2016

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Personal Injury Attorney When You're Hurt by Medical Care


If you have been injured or your health has been compromised as the result of health care decisions made on your behalf, it is very important to seek legal action as soon as possible. Since your right to pursue financial compensation is time-sensitive, you need to be sure that you are being represented by the most qualified personal injury attorney. In order to do so, you should plan to speak with several candidates and ask several questions.

11 April 2016

Don't Settle For Less: What To Know About Settlement Negotiations And Your Personal Injury Case


If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you may already know about the compensation you are entitled to receive. Commonly, you can expect to receive your medical expenses and a vehicle repair or replacement from the at-fault driver's insurance company, but missing from that compensation package is any consideration for your pain and suffering. You are entitled to be paid money damages for the emotional impact of the accident on you and your family's life, so read on to learn about the key issues in negotiating a fair settlement that includes payment for your pain and suffering.

30 March 2016

Top 5 Common Motorcycle Accidents


If you love riding motorcycles, you know there isn't a better feeling than the wind in your hair and the freedom a bike gives. However, if you get into an accident, it can be devastating. Serious injuries can occur if a car collides into you. You will be faced with mounting medical bills and lawsuits. You will have to hire a motorcycle accident attorney to fight for you. Here are five common motorcycle accidents and how you can avoid them:

17 March 2016

Protect Yourself From Black Ice On The Roads This Winter


Black ice can be a great danger on roads in winter. Knowing how to protect yourself from black ice, and how to protect yourself from other drivers who skid on ice, can help you avoid auto accidents at this treacherous time of year. What is black ice? Black ice is formed from snow that has melted and re-frozen into a slick sheet of ice. Black ice is usually clear or black in color, which makes it nearly impossible to see on asphalt.

29 February 2016

Special Considerations When Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Wyoming


If you are thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit, then you have a risky road ahead of you. You usually have better chances winning an insurance claim, but you can make a lot more money if you win a lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are a ton of strange laws that you will need to navigate in order to reach that compensation. To help you out, here are some of the more specific laws that you will need to address when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit in Wyoming:

11 February 2016

Pursuing An Injury Claim? Here Is How Your Treatment Affects Your Medical Damages


In most personal injury cases, medical damages form a vital part of the compensation package. If you are being treated after an accident and plan to lodge an injury claim, know that your treatment will have a big effect on the value of your medical damages. This effect comes in various ways, such as: Recognition of Treatments Insurance adjusters rate alternative treatments, such as those offered by non-physician doctors, lower than treatments by medical doctors.

29 January 2016

Confused About VA Disability Appeals? Here's Some Help


If you've been denied disability benefits from the Veterans Affairs (VA) system, you may not know where to start with the appeal. The denial reasons can be a bit vague, and unless a person at your local VA office tells you exactly what you're missing, there could be any number of missing pieces of evidence. Take a look at what the VA is looking for and ways to align your next appeal with their image of a successful claim.

15 January 2016

Spoliation Of Evidence In Personal Injury Claims: What You Need To Know (Right Now)


What happens when evidence goes missing in your personal injury case? Does lost or missing evidence equal a lost case? It depends a lot on what the evidence is, and what side of the courtroom you're on. Learn more about spoliation of evidence and personal injury cases -- and why it is important to act quickly if you think that you may have a case. What is spoliation? Spoliation of evidence is the legal term used when evidence goes missing, gets tampered with, or is lost.

4 January 2016