Conditions That Can Quickly Qualify You for SSDI Benefits


With certain conditions, you may find yourself struggling to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). However, some conditions can lead to you automatically qualifying for the condition. With certain conditions, you may be able to qualify in as little as ten days.

Advanced Cancers

As one of the most deadly diseases in the world, cancer patients can oftentimes find it easier to qualify. However, you will need help from an SSDI attorney because you will need to prove that you are suffering from cancer. You will need a pathology report that will show the size of the tumor.


More often than not, you will suffer from dementia when you are past the retirement age of 65. However, if you are not past the retirement age, you may be suffering from early-onset dementia. Because this condition is so rare, the SSA is more likely to approve immediately. However, you must still prove that you're suffering from dementia. 


If you are fully paralyzed, you will usually be able to receive SSDI benefits immediately. To be considered paralyzed, you will need to not be able to walk a couple of blocks without a mobility device. If you have suffered from an amputation, you will qualify if you are not able to use a prosthetic device.

Serious Birth Defects

This typically applies to any child who has a birth defect in which he or she will not recover within the course of a few months. It may also apply to a child who requires extreme assistance to survive.


This is an autoimmune disorder that can affect anyone. To be qualified for SSDI benefits for ALS, your doctor will need to use standard methods to ensure that you will be qualified for treatment for this condition. If you qualify, you will also automatically be qualified for Medicare. 

If you will not be immediately qualified for your disability, you'll need help from a local Social Security Disability attorney. There is a list of qualifying conditions, but some conditions can take longer to qualify for. If you do not fall under one of these conditions, you may still be able to qualify if you can prove that your condition is similar enough to one of the qualifying conditions.

Proving that you qualify may require that you attend a hearing with the SSA. Then, you will be able to explain why you should qualify.


9 November 2020

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