What to Bring with You When Consulting with an Attorney for an Auto Accident Case


If you are ready to bring a lawsuit against the driver who caused your accident, you should hire an auto accident lawyer. An auto accident lawyer can help you move forward with a personal injury lawsuit, which will help you to collect the settlement you deserve for your case.

1. Police Report

If you have asked for and received a copy of the police report that was generated at the accident scene, bring a copy for your attorney. If you do not have a police report, you need to provide your attorney with the information they need to track down the police report. Your attorney will need to know what police agency responded to the accident. If you don't know what agency responded, let your attorney know the city or county where the accident occurred; this will help them figure out what agencies may have responded so they can find your police report.  They will need to know the date, time, and location of the accident.

2. Witness Information

If you were able to talk to anyone who witnessed your accident, share their contact information with your attorney. Witnesses can include passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. If you think that a business's security camera may have caught the accident, be sure to share this information with your attorney as well. Your attorney can make a legal request for the video footage.

3. Photographs

If you took pictures of the accident scene the day of, or soon after, the accident, pass these on to your attorney. Any picture evidence you have is helpful, as pictures can really help to tell a bigger story. Thus, pictures of your vehicle after the accident or even pictures of your injury can be helpful to your attorney and to your case.

4. Medical Information

Finally, you need to share all medical information with your attorney. This includes any medical bills and records that you have. If you don't have your medical bills and information, provide your attorney with a list of all the hospitals, medical centers, and doctors that you worked with so your attorney can obtain this information.

When you get together with your attorney, provide your attorney with as much information as possible. If you don't have all the information listed above, just let your attorney know and they will work to help gather that information for your case. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be, which will increase your chance of getting a fair settlement.  


13 July 2020

Staying Strong During A Legal Battle

When you are involved in a messy car accident, things can get complicated fast. In addition to proving who was at fault, you might also have to worry about healing. However, you don't have to endure long phone calls and complicated insurance paperwork on your own. Hiring an attorney is the key to remaining strong during the aftermath of a car accident. As you think about your own situation, try to figure out if you can do things on your own. If you feel like you need a little help, don't be afraid to talk with an attorney. The information on this website should help you to decide how legal counsel can help you.