Did You Experience A Late Night Auto Accident Caused By Another Driver? 3 Tips To Gather Evidence Of Drowsy Driving


Distracted driving gets a lot of attention these days. However, there is another common cause of accidents that is just as bad as looking at one's cell phone or driving while inebriated. Drowsy driving happens when a person chooses to get or stay behind the wheel despite their need for sleep. Although truck drivers are known for trying to push through a shift, it is also possible that the person who hit you with a normal passenger vehicle was too fatigued to make proper judgments while driving. Unlike drunk driving, it can be hard to prove for certain if someone was too drowsy to drive, but you can use these tips to help manage your auto accident case by demonstrating that the other person was at fault.

Get Information From All Eyewitnesses

Following a major accident, people may stop to render aid and provide an eyewitness report of what happened. If you are alert after an accident, try to get the information from each witness that could be willing to work with your attorney to give essential details about the incident. For example, a person in another lane might have noticed the at-fault driver nodding off in the driver's seat. Someone else might have seen them swerving a few miles back and was fortunate enough to stay out of their way. These types of details can help you if your case goes to court.

Ask for Copy of the Police Report

The police report may also have details included in it that could be used to prove fault for drowsy driving. For instance, the other driver might have made a statement to the police about being tired or how they were traveling on a long-distance road trip. The responding officer might also have noted things such as red or bloodshot eyes or an inability to fully explain what happened. 

Try to Track Down Camera Footage

Nighttime accidents are sometimes harder to prove fault for due to the lack of people on the road. However, it is possible that someone driving at the same time might have dashcam footage of the event, or you might be able to get camera footage from a nearby business or intersection light camera if you were traveling on public roads. Work with your attorney to determine the route upon which you were driving to see if there are any identifiable cameras that could provide evidence of the other driver's actions.

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22 October 2019

Staying Strong During A Legal Battle

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