Top 5 Common Motorcycle Accidents


If you love riding motorcycles, you know there isn't a better feeling than the wind in your hair and the freedom a bike gives. However, if you get into an accident, it can be devastating. Serious injuries can occur if a car collides into you. You will be faced with mounting medical bills and lawsuits. You will have to hire a motorcycle accident attorney to fight for you. Here are five common motorcycle accidents and how you can avoid them:

1. Car turns left

A car may turn left right in front of you, leaving you little room to stop. You end up hitting the car. Often, this type of accident occurs because the driver isn't paying attention, or simply doesn't see you because you're not in a car. Either way, you can avoid this accident by always assuming that a car waiting to turn will do so right in front of you. Slow down when approaching intersections and prepare to stop.

2. Lane splitting

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle drives between two lanes or weaves in and out of lanes continuously. Lane splitting will cause an accident because other motorists aren't expecting a vehicle between lanes. A car may turn in front of you, suddenly block the lane, or stop. While it's tempting to lane split when you're stuck in a traffic jam, treat your motorcycle like a car. Stay in one lane and do not squeeze between cars.

3. Road surface

The surface of the road can greatly impact your ability to stay in control while riding your bike. Any number of conditions from potholes, mud, gravel, manholes, and pavement markers can cause an accident. While riding, pay close attention to road conditions, especially in a new area or an area under construction. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread.

4. Speeding

A motorcyclist is especially at risk of a single vehicle accident if they are speeding. Speeding can cause the rider to lose control, fail to see an obstacle or pedestrian, or not be able to adjust to changing conditions. As a motorcyclist, always obey speed limits. If you're taking a sharp curve or riding through a busy neighborhood, slow down.

5. Visbility

Visibility is a major factor in motorcycle accidents. Not the ability of the motorcyclist to see, but the ability of other motorists to see the motorcycle. Make sure other drivers can see you at all times. Have reflecting gear and paint on your motorcycle and wear a bright or reflective jacket. While you're making a turn, use hand signals in addition to your turn signals. Pay attention to blind spots of vehicles and check your lights frequently to make sure they work.

These are five ways to keep yourself safe and avoid motorcycle accidents. If you get into an accident, contact a motorcycle accident attorney right away.


17 March 2016

Staying Strong During A Legal Battle

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