Protect Yourself From Black Ice On The Roads This Winter


Black ice can be a great danger on roads in winter. Knowing how to protect yourself from black ice, and how to protect yourself from other drivers who skid on ice, can help you avoid auto accidents at this treacherous time of year.

What is black ice?

Black ice is formed from snow that has melted and re-frozen into a slick sheet of ice. Black ice is usually clear or black in color, which makes it nearly impossible to see on asphalt. When it is visible, black ice usually looks like a puddle instead of ice.

How can you tell the difference between black ice and a puddle?

Pay attention to the tires of the cars in front of you. If the car's tires are producing a spray of dirty water or slush, this is a sign that the car is driving over water. If the tires are producing no spray at all, this is a sign that the car is driving over ice.

What should you do if you start to slide on black ice?

If you start to slide on black ice, ease your foot up off the pedals and straighten the tires so that the car can drive into the skid. Do not turn the tires in the opposite direction of the skid. Once the tires of the car have found purchase on the ground, then you can gently turn the car in the direction you'd like to be driving.

What driving distance is safe when the roads are covered in black ice?

This depends on the condition of the roads, the speed at which you are traveling and other factors. When traveling on black ice, you need approximately 3 times the stopping distance that you would normally need, which means you should leave about 3 times the normal distance between yourself and the other vehicles on the road.

If the roads are covered in black ice, how can you protect yourself from other drivers?

Aside from increasing your following distance of other drivers, keep your lights turned so other drivers can see you on the road. Avoid speeding up or slowing down quickly, so other drivers will have time to react to your movements. If possible, change your route to avoid unsalted or unplowed roads.

Unfortunately, not all drivers take care or drive responsibly over black ice in winter. If you are involved in a car accident and become injured, contact a reputable car accident attorney in your area, like those at Reed Law or other firms. He or she can help you get compensation for your damages, so you can move on from your accident.


29 February 2016

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