4 Tips For Getting Workers' Compensation


Being injured and not able to work can be a real challenge. Medical bills and monthly bills are sure to be at the foremost of your mind if you've suffered a significant injury. The best way to financially recover from a serious accident at work is by receiving workers' compensation for your losses. By knowing specific tips to help you do so, you will have a greater chance of success.  

Tip #1: Be thorough

You will need to fill out a claim form for your employer, and you will be asked to provide the full details of your accident. Take the time to provide precise information about your accident, such as the date and time it occurred.

Additionally, if you have any witnesses who saw your injury happen, you will want to be sure to put these names down.

Tip #2: Notify your employer

It's important to let your employer know immediately if you've been seriously injured at work. Doing so may help you receive workers' compensation.

It is your legal obligation to alert your employer within 30 days of your accident, but waiting this long may appear suspicious to your boss.

Tip #3:  Follow through with treatment

When visiting your doctor, you will be advised on the best way to address your medical condition. This could mean getting back surgery if you hurt your back or taking certain medications for a certain length of time.

Regardless of what your doctor advises you to do, you should be sure to get the necessary medical treatment that will help you fully recover. Otherwise, you could immediately forfeit your right to receive workers' compensation for your injuries.

Tip #4: Avoid fraudulent activity

If you lie about your accident on your claim form, this could cause you to be denied compensation. You will need to provide your medical records for proof of your accident and doing so will assist you in getting reimbursed for it.

However, acting in a fraudulent way may cause you to face penalties or even legal charges that will have a negative impact on your life.

Taking the time to know how to get be successful when it comes to getting reimburse for work related injuries can assist you in doing so. However, if you feel you've been denied money that is rightfully yours by your employer, be sure to work closely with an injury attorney (such as one from Shoap Law Offices) to help you receive it.


25 November 2015

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