3 Frightening Facts About Truck Drivers And Big Truck Accidents


You may share the highway with them daily, but as a driver, it is highly unlikely that you recognize the true dangers of traveling right alongside vehicles that could easily squash your car or truck in an accident. Traveling around semi trucks should definitely bring about a new level of safety awareness and alertness, but until you know the true dangers, you may not completely understand.

1. Outcomes of Semi-Truck Accidents Can Be Fatal - On average, there are around 400,000 accidents involving a big truck every year in the United States alone, and at least 5,000 of these accidents are usually fatal. Because drivers in regular vehicles are at an extreme disadvantage compared to these massive vehicles, they are typically the ones who are most at danger. Anytime you are traveling on a highway shared with larger vehicles, do your part to stay alert.

2. You Never Know How Alert a Truck Driver May Be - Lack of sleep is a major problem in the trucking industry. Even though by law truckers are required to only log a certain number of hours on the job, allowing enough time for adequate rest, they often cut corners and falsify record books to drive longer. As many as 50 percent of truck drivers falsify log books to get in more time on the road. Therefore, the driver seated in a semi may be running on very little sleep and quite unaware of their surroundings, which is something every driver should be alert to on the roadway.

3. Drug Use Among Truck Drivers Is Crazy High - Even though many trucking companies have mandatory drug testing policies, drug use among truck drivers is surprisingly very high. When drivers were questioned in one study, around 30 percent actually admitted to taking amphetamines, which comes in various forms and is used to stay awake or alert,  while on the job. Additionally, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana are common substances used by truckers. If you spot erratic behavior,such as aggressive driving or even reckless actions, be sure to report what you see to the local highway patrol, as you never know if a truck driver may be under the influence.

Taking note of the risks of sharing the roadway with semi trucks can mean the difference in your own safety at some point. If you have been involved in an automobile accident with a big truck, be sure to talk to a trucking accident lawyer for advice and information.


29 September 2015

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