What To Do When You Are In A Minor Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault


When a car accident occurs, there is often a person who has caused it. Whether one person causes his own accident or the accident of another driver, the determination must be made to decide why the accident happened. This requires gathering information about the accident from those involved as well as looking for other evidence to prove who is at fault. However, if no one is severely injured, the behavior of those involved can make determining the cause of the accident much easier. These are some tips for what to do when you are in a minor car accident that is not your fault.

Gather Information 

Ask the other party for their name, address, phone number and the name of their auto insurance company. You will need this information when you file a claim to be reimbursed by the insurance company of the at-fault party. Also provide your information to the other party. Even though you did not cause the accident, he will be more cooperative if you share your info.

Contact Law Enforcement 

A police report will need to be filed to ensure you are reimbursed for any damages or injuries. Even if the other party is found to be at-fault, his insurance company may refuse to pay your claim without the proper documentation.

Remain Calm and Respectful 

Even if you are extremely upset with the other person who has damaged your car, it is always best to try to remain calm and respectful. Pointing fingers at the other party and becoming irate may lead to even more legal problems.

Do not apologize for anything. If you are truly not responsible and you were abiding by all driving laws, you have nothing to be sorry for. Do not give the other party something to use against you should this accident end up in court.

Assess Your Surroundings 

If there is visible evidence that the other driver caused the accident, make note of it in your head. Do not touch or move anything on the scene. Wait for law officials to arrive so they can also view the evidence.

Be sure not to point out any visible evidence to the other party because this may alert them to move it if you happen to look away.

When the police report is being filled out, tell the authorities exactly how the accident occurred. If there is evidence that supports your story, you may also tell them about this. A full investigation will be done by either the police or an insurance adjuster, but the more facts you have in your statement, the more they will agree that you did not cause the accident. For further assistance, contact a local car accident lawyer, such as Master Weinstein Shatz Moyer, P.C.


17 June 2015

Staying Strong During A Legal Battle

When you are involved in a messy car accident, things can get complicated fast. In addition to proving who was at fault, you might also have to worry about healing. However, you don't have to endure long phone calls and complicated insurance paperwork on your own. Hiring an attorney is the key to remaining strong during the aftermath of a car accident. As you think about your own situation, try to figure out if you can do things on your own. If you feel like you need a little help, don't be afraid to talk with an attorney. The information on this website should help you to decide how legal counsel can help you.