Were You Denied SSD Benefits? Find Out How A Lawyer Can Help You Appeal


Health problems can become so difficult to cope with that it leads to the inability to keep a job. If you were denied social security disability (SSD) benefits after developing health problems, you may want to hire a social security disability lawyer to help you appeal the decision. Below, learn how a lawyer can help you prove your case so your denial can be overturned.

How Can a Lawyer Help Overturn a Denial for SSD Benefits?

One of the most important aspects of an SSD case is being able to prove with medical evidence that you have a condition that is acceptable by the Social Security Administration (SSA). For instance, your condition must be one that will last for a minimum of a year or until death. Before helping you appeal the decision of the SSA, a lawyer will need detailed documents about your condition and any medical care you have received.

Keep in mind that even with medical evidence of your condition, the SSA can make it mandatory for you to undergo a consultative examination by a physician that is appointed by them. If you did not cooperate by undergoing a mandatory examination when you applied, it may be the reason your benefits were denied. However, your lawyer may be able to convince the SSA that you already have a sufficient amount of evidence and that the examination is not necessary.

You can also expect your lawyer to assist your case with services that include the following:

  • Proving that you cannot work
  • Researching your medical condition
  • Determining if you meet the SSA income limits

What Happens if the SSA Denies an Appeal After Hiring a Lawyer?

If your SSD benefits are denied after your lawyer helps you appeal, he or she can take the case higher than the SSA. Your lawyer can file a petition with the court so your case can be heard by a judge. During the trial, your lawyer will have the opportunity to submit all of the evidence he or she submitted to the SSA, as well as additional evidence. If the judge determines that your benefits were wrongfully denied, the SSA will have to approve your benefits.

Getting denied for SSD benefits when you are struggling with your daily living expenses can be stressful. If you want your appeal to go smoother than the initial application process, you must have solid evidence about your condition. Consult with a lawyer so he or she can make your appeal a success. 


25 March 2015

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